300-Hour Advanced Teacher Training

If you have completed, or are within one month of completion any 200-Hour training that meets Yoga Alliance standards and are ready to advance your training and practice, YCM offers an outstanding 300-Hour Advanced Teacher Training program with rich curriculum and exceptional faculty. Our 300-Hour Training program will provide in-depth exploration of the topics of anatomy and physiology, sequencing and alignment, Ayurveda and yoga philosophy including: asana, pranayama and meditation. Learn how to layer these advanced techniques and tools to created practices that effect the physical and energetic body.


Foundations in Yoga Philosophy

  • Study texts such as the Yogasūtra and Bhagavad Gita
  • Explore the ways in which Yoga understands the human system, and how the layers of our system interact

Anatomy and Alignment

  • Explore the physical body as an integrated system. Learn the ways in which your muscles, joints and connective tissue work together as a whole, creating a more holistic understanding of the anatomy body.

Foundations in breathing and breath for asana

  • Why do we breath differently in yoga? How do different breath techniques affect the physical body? Learn how to shape the breath to deepen what asana (yoga postures) has to offer.

Foundations and sequencing principles of asana

  • Learn the art of class planning, sequencing guidelines, peak pose preparation, and how to link asana together in a safe and effective manner.
  • Connect anatomy, breath and sequencing to skillfully create and adapt practices that address specific needs within the physical body.

Applications of Yoga for the Physical Body

  • Explore common aches, pains and issues you may encounter as a teacher.
  • Learn how to adapt practices to accommodate these issues and create conditions that encourage comfort for the student.

Energetic Sequencing Principles

  • Learn to shift your energetic state with tools and techniques that can energize, calm or balance.
  • Learn sequencing to prepare for specific prāṇyama (breath regulation) and meditation practices

Applications of yoga for the emotional body

  • Apply the physical and energetic body tools to sequence for body positivity, eating disorder, trauma sensitive practices and emotional states such as depression, anxiety.


  • Learn, from the most ancient and complete medical system, how nutrition, lifestyle and routines for your individual constitution can positively impact your health and wellbeing.

Development of prāṇayama and meditation practices

  • Delve into more detailed prāṇayama and meditation techniques, and explore how to integrate them into your classes and practice.

Program Format Options

Option 1

20-Month Program  – Next start is November 2018
When: One weekend a month
Time: Friday 6:00-9:00pm, Saturday & Sunday 12:00pm–6:00pm
Location: St. Louis Park Studio

Option 2

14-Month Program Begins May 2017
When: Mondays
Time: 9:30am–3:00pm
Location: St. Louis Park Studio


The advanced 300-hour program with the Yoga Center of Minneapolis has been invaluable to me as a teacher. Learning from the talented and knowledgeable teacher trainers has expanded my knowledge base beyond what I had imagined to be possible prior to beginning the program. With each passing month I become a profoundly better teacher and I am so grateful for the amazing opportunity which has been afforded to me.Stephanie K
Taking part in the 300hr training has caused some radically positive shifts in my teaching, and my life. I’ve learned that yoga is a big, bold, patchwork quilt. Each teacher, each sutra, each pranayama, each pose, each chant, each meditation is a thread and if you’re looking to take your teaching to the next level, you must learn how they all weave together, and complement one another. This was my biggest take-away from the program: Betsy Weiner, Kevin Kortan, and Tara Cindy Sherman were incredible mentors, who shared generously the bounty of their knowledge and experience.Krista C
This program draws from some of the most gifted and knowledgeable teachers in the area to provide an all-encompassing, in depth learning experience. I loved the Monday option, as it allowed me to process this deep, rich information personally and in my teaching.It has given me so much more confidence as a teacher!Cheri H
I really appreciate the varied experiences from the teachers we have had. They come from several different yoga traditions and it is good to experience different styles. The Ayurvedic teachings were exceptional from a certified doctor of Ayurvedic medicine. They each have a wealth of knowledge in their tradition or area of expertise to share and it’s been a great experience, well rounded learningShelly S


Getting Started

To find out if this program is right for you. Call 952-345-1953 or email ycm300hour@gmail.com


Tara Cindy Sherman, Kevin Kortan, Attila Pegan, Jennifer Davis, Asavari Manvikar