YCM Celebrates Our Teacher, Nichole!

Nichole was a part of the Yoga Center of Minneapolis’s 230 hour teacher training On the Road in Eau Claire, WI in 2014! She entered the program as a gift to herself with a desire to deepen her own understanding of yoga. She discovered YCM’s Big A#% yoga classes and knew she had found her tribe. She also discovered that there was a teaching voice inside her and a desire to share it with our community. In 2015 she moved to MN and has been immersed in the Yoga Center of Minneapolis ever since. She hopes to share her joy and love of yoga practice in all her classes.

5 hardest things yoga has taught her:

  1. Be here now 
  2. Accept support
  3. Be kind to yourself today
  4. Learn something new today
  5. Moving slowly gives opportunity for discovery and curiosity in the experience of my practice.

One thing she wishes everyone knew about yoga:

Yoga is so much more than a practice of moving your body through postures (asana). It is a practice of changing your state through movement, breath and meditation. It can impact so many parts of your experience by bringing awareness to this present moment.

Her teaching philosophy:

I love helping people link movements to their breath, while finding awareness in their body and the experience of moving with their breath. 

What keeps her grounded:

My connection to community and people keeps me grounded.

Want to practice with Nichole? Click here for her full schedule!


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  1. What a lovely tribute to Nichole. I have had the pleasure of going to some of her classes and seeing her friendly and welcoming face at both studios. I can appreciate everything she said about what yoga has taught her and she is giving the gift back to her students daily…

    Scott Kaplan
    YS55 (still in process)

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