YCM Celebrates Our Teacher, Betsy!

Betsy was introduced to yoga in 1991.  She fell in love immeditaely!  Yes, love at first breath.  Yoga became her life, her filter through which she saw everything.  She has since committed to a lifelong path of learning, teaching and inspiring others along the way.

“I make it my personal mission, to use these practices and this knowledge to bring joy, freedom, self-awareness and increased happiness.  I feel that I can be a catalyst on the journey of uncovering the True Self that lies within each and every one of us.  My greatest desire as a teacher is for every student to see the Guru, the inner light, that resides within.”

5 hardest things yoga has taught her:

  1. I am not what my body can or cannot do – the asanas are merely an extension of how my body responds to the energetic landscape that is happening internally so whether or not I can stick my handstand, or sit in an easy forward fold will vary from day to day.  My job is to be sensitive to it and pay attention so that I can work more efficiently.
  2. Well, yes, hard sometimes to be sensitive to what my body needs! As someone who was used to pushing myself hard physically, I had to learn to slow down or speed up or modify or strengthen or lengthen or …. the list is endless really.  The listening and then responding accordingly was a challenge to learn.
  3. Learning to know myself is not an easy task.  Yoga has taught me that this process is never ending nor should I be attached to the outcome of that process … which leads to…
  4. Not being attached to the outcome!  Wow!  That is one of the hardest things that yoga has taught me.  How do I do something with full intention and total commitment and let go of the outcome?  Whoa.  This is an ongoing issue for me but it gets easier with practice.
  5. One of the hardest things that yoga has taught me is uncovering the truth about who I am.  The methodologies and practices have taught me that knowing myself is of the utmost importance.  This takes work y’all!  It is hard but SO worth it to know what is holding me back (vikalpa), what my truth is (dharma) and how do I get there (sankalpa).  Yoga teaches that this is a lifelong practice. 

One thing she wishes everyone knew about yoga:

That it is so much more than asana, pranayama and meditation.  Yoga is a way of seeing the world, a philosophy and a path to self-discovery and self-knowledge that can lead to a kind of contentment that I never thought was possible in this world. 

Her teaching philosophy:

I teach to facilitate the process of uncovering each student’s possibilities.  My philosophy revolves around the idea that we are unique individuals and one size almost never fits all, therefore it is my responsibility as a teacher to utilize these practices skillfully and efficiently. I feel that it is important to guide the students towards their own self-discovery by teaching the methodologies that are relatable to them.  This has to be done by creating the proper conditions for this experience to arise; utilizing specific practices to elicit specific energetics are important. I teach to inspire students to find their own inner light and be a vehicle for the teachings. ( I take what I do seriously but I certainly do not take myself that seriously!)

What keeps her grounded:

What keeps me grounded is my daily routine (nauli, neti, etc), my meditation practice, and my other spiritual practices.  Awareness of my breath is my constant reminder that I can return back to center and stay grounded.

Want to practice with Betsy? Click here for her full schedule!