YCM Celebrates Our Teacher, Nicki!

YCM Celebrates Our Teacher, Nicki!

Meet our Amazing Teacher, Nicki!

At a very early age Nicki experienced self-expression through her love of dance and movement. Yet, it wasn’t until she took her first yoga class almost 10yrs ago that she experienced the beauty and bliss of embodying her spirit through this sacred movement.  From that very first class, a light had been ignited from deep within to embark on this path called yoga.

In October of 2014 she completed her 230hr Teacher Training with the Yoga Center of Minneapolis and shortly after, completed her Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Michelle Pietrzak-Wegner. As a practicing Licensed Acupuncturist, Massage Therapist, and Therapeutic Coach®, Nicki comes with over 4,000 hrs of training along with over a decade of hands on experience with people from all walks of life. Her accumulated knowledge and experience of anatomy, energy, and psycho-spirituality graciously informs her approach and ability to tailor movement to each student’s needs. Ever the humble student, she has continued her education by studying with various teachers throughout the years such as Seane Corn, Leslie Kaminoff, Tias Little and Theresa Murphy to name a few.

Nicki continually strives to create an environment where all beings feel safe, comfortable and empowered to show up just as they are, for she believes yoga contains within its practices and teachings the power to heal, transform, and awaken to the truth of our inherent Divine nature.

5 of the Hardest things Yoga has taught her:

The five most challenging things yoga has taught me have all been the most profound areas of personal, professional, and spiritual growth for me in my life.

  1. The depth of my practice lies not within the depth of my ability to access a perceived physical flexibility in a pose, but rather lies within my capacity to experience sensation, breath, and awareness in any given moment.
  2. Allowing myself to fully embrace being a student-letting go of what I think I already know and allowing myself to surrender to the moment, to the teaching
  3. On the flip-side of that last statement- knowing when and how to listen to the often times subtle whisperings of my body and soul-discerning what is necessary for me TODAY! (not yesterday or tomorrow); in other words, acknowledging, listening to and honoring the still place within where it is I who knows best, who knows what is necessary in body, mind, spirit
  4. Recognizing that the mind is a masterful judgment making machine! This gets harder to identify as we develop the language, tools and self-awareness of yoga-so the practice continually evolves and becomes more and more refined in order to distinguish, discriminate amongst and release the judgments of self, others and life
  5. What happens ON your mat, absolutely happens OFF your mat! Yoga is the inevitable ever-changing, ever evolving process of awakening to life.  The lessons and learnings, successes and failures on your mat are simply a reflected microcosm of the greater whole of life off your mat-there is no separation.

One thing she wishes everyone knew about yoga

Yoga is about embracing, and fully experiencing ALL of life. So, the way I see it, if you are a living, breathing human being it is possible to gain something enriching from this practice.  Yoga is for every body, every being.

Her teaching philosophy

Show up with a big dose of YOU just as you are, along with even the tiniest slice of willingness and all will unfold just as it should…

What keeps her grounded.

My ever-evolving home practice which consists of asanas, meditation, chanting and prayer is always the touchpoint of my being grounded, nourished and sustained. My husband Timmie, our two cats Loki and Nova and the home we’ve created is also my sanctuary and safe place of unconditional love.

Want to practice with Nicki? Click here to check out her teaching schedule.

YCM Celebrates Our Teacher, Nicki!

Photo Credits: Elizabeth Camp, Healing Media, LLC