YCM Celebrates Our Teacher, Heather!

YCM Celebrates Our Teacher, Heather!

Meet our AMAZING Teacher Heather!

Heather is an experienced clinician and teacher with over 18 years of experience in the medical and wellness fields! She strives to help others through movement and meditation combining the multiple layers of her education to address the whole person. She holds a degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. In attempts to balance career and motherhood, she found exercise to be an amazing outlet which then led her to branch out and become a certified Group Fitness Instructor through ACE. Teaching and wellness became a passion. She completed her 200-hour yoga training at The Yoga Center of Minneapolis and is grateful to her mentor, Jennifer Davis. As a mother of three and blessed with a tribe of mamas supporting her on her parenting journey, Heather had an eagerness to pay it forward and support women during pregnancy and motherhood. She completed her prenatal yoga training thru the Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training program at the Yoga Center of Minneapolis; Yoga Bonding teacher training with Jennifer Colletti and Birth Doula training at Enlightened Mama.

5 of the Hardest things Yoga has taught her:

Yoga has taught me the value of patience with self and others, to find balance with strive and yield, that an inversion is a great way to reset, that what felt good yesterday might feel completely different today and to love the gift of my mind, body and spirit to have a practice.

One thing she wishes everyone knew about yoga

One thing I wish everyone knew about yoga is that you do not need to be flexible to do yoga.

Her teaching philosophy

I specialize in prenatal and baby yoga so my philosophy for teaching focuses on listening and honoring your body of the moment or practice including using props or modifying postures and knowing that stillness is just as important as flow or movement. I like to mother the mother when it comes to baby yoga giving them space to bond with their baby, but care for themselves, too.

What keeps her grounded.

I love my home meditation space that has images of the chakras and sage or incense.

Want to practice with Heather? Click here to check out her teaching schedule.

YCM Celebrates Our Teacher, Heather!

Photo Credits: Elizabeth Camp, Healing Media, LLC