YCM Celebrates our Teacher, Elizabeth!

Meet our amazing teacher, Elizabeth!

Elizabeth Camp is creator and owner of Yoga Camp and an E-RYT 500. Elizabeth has been teaching yoga for over ten years, has led five yoga teacher trainings and recently sat her first Vipassanå Meditation Course. She owns two businesses, Yoga Camp and Healing Media, and either through teaching yoga or through her businesses, Elizabeth works to help people to find their light and let it shine.  Elizabeth was honored to be the first ever Athleta Mall Of America Brand Ambassador in 2015.
“You know why I love what I do? I get to inspire & bring people together to do the things that inspire them. It’s the most wonderful thing in the world.”


5 hardest things yoga has taught her:

  1. Once I became a teacher, it has always been a challenge to balance my own practice with my teaching, but it is paramount that I keep my own practice so that I have something to teach.
  2. Yoga sparked my journey of self love and literally changed my life.
  3. Yoga taught me that I wanted and needed to get sober and has helped me keep my sobriety.
  4. Everything I do, I do with an intention of yoga.
  5. To show up in the world as my authentic self, and that I am exactly where I need to be.

One thing she wishes everyone knew about yoga:

Yoga is not about touching your toes, it is about what you learn on the way down. 🙂

Her teaching philosophy:

My teaching philosophy is to really tune into and focus 100 percent to what my students need. I teach from my heart and I also ask God (or however you want to call God) to speak through me so that my words serve the students for what they really need and to make their experience the most healing it can be for them at this time in their lives. I had to really learn what I was doing before I could teach like this, but now when I teach, it’s like a prayer. Cue the Madonna song. No, seriously, I take yoga very seriously because it changed my life and actually saved my life, but something important I believe about yoga is that it can be fun! I don’t think yoga needs to always be peaceful or relaxing, I believe sometimes it needs to be energizing and fun. I believe in laughter and friendship and community. I also fundamentally believe that one by one, one yogi at a time, we can heal ourselves and help inspire others to heal themselves and show up in the world in their authenticity and that together we can change the world and make it a better place. Now cue Michael Jackson. 

What keeps her grounded:

I am a highly creative person but I also like to get things done, so I have a lot of grounding practices that help me achieve my dreams. Gardening is what first comes to mind. I love literally getting my hands in the dirt, touching the Earth and making things grow. I love cooking, eating grounding foods and maintaining a healthy diet. Simple, easy things like using Cedarwood or other grounding essential oils are helpful in keeping me centered. The most obvious way I stay healthy and grounding is my daily yoga practice. In addition to this, meditation is something that I love and I use as a way to get centered with my authentic self and grounded so I can show up in the world the way that I want to, as my best self. The other thing is, that I love to go home. I love connecting with nature and being with my family on our land. This is really grounding for me, like it charges my batteries. Also crystals, I love crystals!

Want to practice with Elizabeth? Click here for her full schedule!

Photos by Marjorie Renn Solis, Healing Media LLC. Mural by Greta McLain.