YCM Celebrates Our Teacher, Deirdre!

YCM Celebrates Our Teacher, Deirdre!

Meet our AMAZING teacher, Deirdre!

Deirdre began studying yoga in 1998 soon after she retired from a career in dance. She did it to stay in shape but soon realized that it was transforming her world on every level. Having always been a mover she became fascinated with the stillness within the movement that yoga brought and after years of searching for her center she found that it was right there, in that stillness, all along. She also found that when one really gets to know and understand one’s body and listens to it deeply with love and respect rather than pushing it with judgment and force, it responds with grace and ease.

Bringing the insights she found in yoga into her dance classes (she has been teaching ballet, modern and jazz dance since 1982) she soon found herself teaching yoga as well. Teaching yoga is a passion for Deirdre because she wants to share the amazing transformation that it brings with as many people as possible, changing the world one breath at a time.

Deirdre danced for Minnesota Dance Theater, Zenon Dance Company, Minnesota Opera, Children’s Theatre and Ballet of the Dolls. She is certified through the Yoga Center of Minneapolis and is a member of Yoga Alliance. She has studied many forms of Hatha yoga including Ashtanga, Iyengar, Kundalini, Anusara, Mi-An and Evolutionary Yoga and brings into her class the wisdom that she has received from all of her amazing teachers past and present.

5 hardest things yoga has taught her…

1. Everything, on the physical level, is always changing. Don’t hang on to how you think it “should” be.
2. My intuition is always right. Even when I don’t want it to be.
3. My body is different than it was 30 years ago and it doesn’t f-ing matter!
4. I am the only thing I have any control over.
5. The present moment is all that there is.

One thing she wishes everyone knew about yoga:

It will change your life on every level!

Her teaching philosophy:

Connect to your breath and let it lead you. Connect to your body, let it speak to you (and really listen). Keep your attention on your immediate experience so that breath, body and mind are one in a state of pure awareness.

What keeps her grounded:

Yoga – duh 🙂 Seriously, all of my friends and family know that I can be less than grounded at times. Having a yoga practice is my anchor.

Want to practice with Deirdre? Click here to check out her teaching schedule.

YCM Celebrates Our Teacher, Deirdre!

Photo credits: Elizabeth Camp, Healing Media, LLC