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YCM Celebrates Our Teacher, Holly!

Meet our amazing teacher, Holly!

Hi yogi/inis, I’m Holly Schramm!

My first time on the mat I was elated. I was in Tulum Mexico being supportive of my best friend from college who had a studio in Denver. She was having her first retreat in Tulum. Ok, not only were my surroundings fabulous but I was experiencing a practice where body, mind and spirit were integrated. I felt as somehow I had arrived. I thought “Where have you been all my life”. I felt grounded and at home!

That was 2003 and I’ve been teaching since 2007. This is my 10 year anniversary of teaching and at YCM!

Yoga has taught me to integrate body, mind and spirit wherever I am and whatever I am doing. (Some days are more successful than others.)  I thrive on coming to the mat and practicing. It’s my life blood. Yoga is a lifetime practice. I didn’t realize how vast it is and how life enhancing it would be. Enhancing and revealing.  It’s not about perfection but about being better than you were. I am a better me than the day I started. Thank God.

My practice grounds me. When I practice, my intention is to connect with my soul and to God. My practice is a vertical connection; a moving prayer. I start by saying “Hello” to myself and by saying “I love you” to myself (I think yoga is about falling in love with yourself). Then I connect to my breath and connect my breath to a mantra like: Inhale: I am grateful. Exhale: Thank you God. I focus on a journey of awareness body, mind and spirit. It’s the discipline of coming to the mat that grounds me. I go in so I can invite the best of me out.

As I evolve yoga expands and opens to me. It is my purpose to stay grounded and in love with myself as divine creation and to teach that to others.

Feel the Love! Be the love!

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Photos by: Elizabeth Camp, Healing Media, LLC