Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga

Pre - Postnatal Yoga

Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga | Bonding from the beginning

Yoga Center’s special prenatal classes are an open forum for conversation, community and
connection. YCM offers both Prenatal and Postnatal weekly classes and workshops, along
with a variety of wellness and spa services designed especially for moms-to-be, and new moms.


Join us for Prenatal Yoga ClassesPrenatal Yoga for Birthing Workshops, Yoga Baby Bonding Classes
Yoga Baby Bonding for Partners WorkshopsDharma Prenatal & Postnatal Spa Services &
Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Center’s Prenatal Yoga Classes

Jai PrenatalLocations:
103 N Second Street, Minneapolis, MN 55401 in the Minneapolis North Loop
and 4200 Minnetonka Blvd, St. Louis Park, MN 55416

Dates: Offered days, evenings and weekends (check our class schedule for days and times)

Cost: $20 for a single class, or purchase a class pass for discounted rates.

Prenatal yoga can help you stay tone and strengthen your body, reduce stress, enhance sleep and relaxation, and prepare you for childbirth… and a healthy baby.

YCM prenatal classes use meditation and pranayama (breath work) for childbirth preparation, as well as asana (yoga poses) for strength and flexibility. Come prepared to calm your mind, and safely build strength in a class designed specifically for you! Join us for class at any time during your pregnancy. No yoga experience necessary. However, be sure to get your health care provider’s okay before you begin a prenatal yoga program.

Prenatal Yoga for Birthing Workshop – for moms-to-be and their birth partners

Jai Prenatal for Birthing WorkshopLocation: St. Louis Park studio

In this fun and interactive workshop for pregnant women and their partners, couples will learn a variety of yoga-based coping techniques for labor and delivery including; breath work along, labor massage, movement, relaxation, and visualization.


Each couple will practice what they learn and will receive a take home packet of information and tools for the birthing room!

Workshops are great for expectant women who have goals of unmedicated birth, as well as those who are open to pain medication.

Yoga Baby Bonding Classes – for moms, caregivers and babies. 

Yoga Baby BondingLocation: St. Louis Park studio
Wednesdays. 11:00am -12:00

Yoga Bonding is a baby integrated yoga sequence that is a fun, uplifting way for moms (or caregivers) and their babies to build trust, confidence and love together.

The benefits for babies are wonderful; babies sleep better and often longer, have better digestion, are better adjusted, and happier! Yoga Bonding starts class with baby yoga, and then we do yoga for Mom’s with a sequence created specifically with mom’s postnatal needs in mind. Bring Baby along for a ride, as she/he becomes involved in parts of your practice.

Baby Yoga and massage fosters closeness between parents and their babies through touch and bonding opportunities. Babies benefit by learning to let go of stress, and calm. Parents improve confidence in understanding baby’s communication.

Everyone is welcome Moms, Dads, Partners, Grandparents and Nannies.

Join class when babies are about 4 to 6 weeks old or when you have permission from your caregiver to exercise. Please wear comfortable clothing and bring 2 blankets for baby.

Yoga Baby Bonding Workshops – for partners

Yoga Baby Bonding WorkshopsLocations: St. Louis Park studio
Offered regularly (check our schedule for upcoming workshops)

This workshop is a blend of yoga for babies and yoga for parents. Yoga Baby Bonding is a baby-integrated yoga sequence that offers a fun, uplifting way for moms (or caregivers) to build trust, confidence and love together.

This class is the same sequence as our weekly class, but designed with fun for both parents.

Best for babies 4-6 weeks old, up until crawling.

Bring two blankets, one for laying baby on and one for swaddling.

Wear comfortable clothing.

Everyone is welcome–Moms, Dads, Partners, Grandparents, and Nannies.

Dharma Prenatal & Postnatal Spa Services | Pamper yourself pre- or post-baby with one of our wellness services in our St. Louis Park location. 

Book your appointment here or call our studio at 612.436.4700

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage focuses on the special needs of the mother-to-be as her body goes through the dramatic changes of the childbirth experience. This technique addresses the specific structural, physiological, and psychological discomforts of pregnancy, and uses bolsters to lift and support the mom so she is completely relaxed and comfortable. A great baby shower or postnatal present!


60 minute session from $75
90 minute session from $110
120 minute session from $150