The Gift of Teaching Prenatal Yoga

The Gift of Teaching Prenatal Yoga

by Jennifer Colletti, E-RYT | R-PYT | Holistic Health Coach | Ayurveda Yoga Specialist

Teaching prenatal yoga over the last 12+ years has been such a beautiful, humbling gift. A truly unexpected, heart filled gift.

Each time I have begun to describe the beautiful community of women I have taught, my whole body covers in goose bumps, I loose my voice for a moment, tears well up in my eyes. It’s a humbling emotional process for me to speak of the women that I have been touched by.  These women have taught me, every single time I have stepped into the room. They have bared their souls to me, been vulnerable with me, and shared their personal stories of loss, success and miracles. It’s incredibly humbling to be witness, and to hold space for women building their families. Every single day I feel honored and immensely grateful to have found this teaching path that stretches through conception, pregnancy, postnatal, babies, and beyond. The Gift of Teaching Prenatal Yoga

It’s a completely different career than I began in, and a path I initially sought out to heal myself. It’s how many of us come to yoga, we sense and even deeply feel imbalance setting in, maybe it’s even been deeply rooted. Our intuition and love for self lead us to the path of healing and nurturing, they lead us to yoga. It’s that inner wisdom and guidance that knows and seeks more. It’s sometimes hard to hear over the white noise of the 24/7 world we live in. It takes time to let that voice come through, but when it does, it’s like bees to honey.

This is how I began in yoga, I finally let that inner wisdom voice shine through. It changed my life, and everything associated with it. It changed who I was and what I wanted in my life and it opened up a world of education I can’t seem to get enough of, ever. I truly never stop studying. Pregnancy in my life was an opportunity to understand yoga in a whole new way. It was my step into learning about yoga for women’s health and all that it has to offer us as we ebb and flow through monthly cycles and life cycles. It was an opportunity to deeply connect with other women, and celebrate everything families.

Those 12 years ago, when I first stepped into a yoga teacher training, I didn’t know what it was going to offer me, nor did I know what I wanted to do with this knew found education and knowledge. I quickly realized was that step-in, was comparable to the beginnings of a lotus flower opening.  With each life cycle shift in my own life, I studied yoga further and another lotus petal unfolded. With each new student that showed up, and trusted me, trusted my teachings, and trusted in the wisdom of yoga, that lotus flower unfurled a bit further. With each knew challenge my students faced in their health, another opportunity presented itself to understand how yoga would offer support, and yes another lotus pedal truly unfolded.

These teachings have been a deep and profound gift, they have created a powerful community that has supported women through every stage of pregnancy and beyond. Everyday, I see students that met in my prenatal classes, years later, as life long friends, loving and supporting each other. It’s incredibly humbling, and fills my heart to the brim.

Over the last 5 years I’ve been honored to share this wisdom with other teachers, through Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga Center. If you are ready to take your teaching to a wonderful new depth and learn about the incredible transition from Woman to Mama, join me and step into a deep and profound community of teaching.  Our Yoga Alliance approved, Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Module A will take place this February 17, 18, 19th, 2017.

About Jen C. : Jennifer is a former Fashion Designer, turned Certified Yoga Instructor & Wellness Expert with a special expertise in Yoga for Women’s Health; Infertility, Fertility, Prenatal, Postnatal, Babies, Families & Menopause.

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