The Ten Yogic Bodies of Kundalini Yoga

The Ten Yogic Bodies of Kundalini Yoga

by Nicole Nardone

We are living in absolutely unprecedented times. It is a time of almost daily heartbreak for those of us paying attention. It is a time of rapid evolution that can leave us feeling exhausted, always a step behind, in despair, or numbed out. It is also a time of great awakening. So many of us are rising towards greater callings of evolution, personal and spiritual growth. We are also coming to a deeper understanding of this web of life. We are seeing that, in fact, we are all related. Our actions deeply effect every other life in existence. If not on the physical level, then on a metaphysical, energetic level.

Yogi Bhajan (the master of Kundalini Yoga who brought the practice to our western world) talked at length of these times. Many other masters in various traditions also spoke of these times. They warned of a quickening, a time where we would experience a rapid evolution of consciousness on the collective, and thus, individual level. On a basic level, this looks like humanity being inundated with information, the electromagnetic field of the earth shifting, and outdated societal structures crumbling, all making us feel just a little bit (or a lot) crazy. Yogi Bhajan gave the metaphor of a great ocean wave, a giant influx of energy, of kundalini, of the evolutionary force. The fact is, we can either be on top of the wave, surfing, or on the bottom of the wave, being crushed. The tools he gave in Kundalini Yoga are to help maximize and balance the nervous system and the glandular systems of the body so that when this force arrives, we are lifted, not toppled by it. Yogi Bhajan stressed over and over again that we absolutely must reach to new depths within if we are to survive and thrive in this age. We must understand our full capacity as human beings, or we will have difficulty.

The ten yogic bodies represent our innate gifts as humans. This is our toolkit for surfing the wave. Working with, understanding, and balancing the ten bodies gives overall balance physically, mentally, and energetically. The ten bodies are:

  • 1st Body: Soul Body
  • 2nd Body: Negative Mind
  • 3rd Body: Positive Mind
  • 4th Body: Neutral Mind
  • 5th Body: Physical Body
  • 6th Body: Arcline
  • 7th Body: Aura
  • 8th Body: Pranic Body
  • 9th Body: Subtle Body
  • 10th Body: Radiance Body

We can think of these ten bodies as layers of skin in and around us. The physical body is the obvious one, and we have many other levels of existence. For example, the Subtle Body is out beyond the physical body. It is an etheric layer that is often silver. It represents our capacity to understand what is being said underneath what is being said. When the Subtle Body is strong, we come into a deep kind of intuitive knowing. We understand the motivations of others, we can interpret opportunities coming our way, and we can often know what another person needs to hear to feel comforted.

Each of the ten bodies unlocks a treasure chest of your innate capacity, your potential: creativity, intuition, prayer, light. As more of us are being called into greater evolution, more love, roles of peace keeping, we absolutely must give ourselves this gift of self care – this gift of activating and owning our fullness – the ten bodies.

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