Stephanie Kinney

Stephanie Kinney

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Stephanie Kinney

Teaching Certifications:

230 Hour Yoga Center of Minneapolis
+300 Hour, Yoga Center of Minneapolis (Expected completion 2017)
Unnata Aerial Yoga Primary and Advanced Certification
Adapative Yoga Level 1 Certification
Yin Yoga Level 1 Certification


Stephanie’s tale of finding yoga begins with an obsession with movement. After being a competitive
dancer for 10 years, yoga seemed like a logical compliment. First attracted (like most) to the physical
practice, she quickly realized it was so much more! After years of classes she took the leap to teacher
training and completed her 230hr certification at the Yoga Center of Minneapolis in 2013. It snowballed
form there with continuing training in adaptive yoga, yin yoga and aerial yoga. Connecting most deeply
to aerial yoga, Stephanie trained in the style of Unnata® Aerial Yoga with Becky Stella in 2013 and
recently completed the Advanced Unnata® Aerial Yoga Teacher Training in Vancouver with it’s creator, Michelle Dortignac, in August 2015.

Everything Stephanie teaches revolves around an idea of sustainability and ‘good space’ in every yoga
practice. Being in tune with the body of the day is not only a nice concept, but a mantra to her.
Stephanie has lived with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis since 2000. As her physical body continues to
ride the roller coaster of an unpredictable disease, she finds her center in her yoga practice and in
helping others do the same. “If I can use my story to help one person believe and keep moving, then I
have used it well!”

Stephanie’s Drop-in Classes