Ryan Kelly

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Ryan Kelly | RYT-200

Ryan has been teaching yoga at the Yoga Center of Minneapolis for almost five years now since her yoga teacher training in the south of Thailand. Her initial yoga training comprised of yoga therapy, asana, sequencing, anatomy, meditation, and a ten-day vow of silence (Vipasana retreat). Since that time Ryan has studied with a number of different renowned teachers including the likes of Dharma Mittra, Seane Corn, Doug Swenson, Cindy Lee, and most recently Rod Stryker. She is on the path to being a Para Yoga Certified Yoga Instructor, which as she acknowledges, “Is going to take some time to complete while structuring, strengthening, and enriching the path of my own self-study (Svadyaya) as well as support my commitment to the integrity of the teaching I bring forward.”

In December of 2006 Ryan graduated from Northwestern Health Sciences University with a 780 hour Massage Therapy Certification. As a cyclist for the US National team prior to finding yoga, Ryan has been drawn to a kinesthetic style of learning for a as long as she can remember.

“Any body can do yoga. It is my intention to empower the individual to enjoy a life in the limitless benefits that yoga has to offer. Finding freedom in my physical body as well as my relationship to thoughts, emotions, and the breath continues to create an experience life beyond my wildest dreams. A freedom that I wish for all, to reveal the teacher within and learn how to work with that.”

Things that make her happy:

  1. Peace and healing
  2. My dog Theo
  3. Yoga study and retreats
  4. Teaching

Favorite Poses:

  1. Raja Kapotanasana
  2. Sirsasana
  3. Any posture I haven’t been in before

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