Holly Schramm

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Teacher Certifications

200 Hour Yoga Center of Minneapolis
+300 Hour, Yoga Center of Minneapolis
40 Hour Ashtanga Teacher Training, Manju Jois
40-Hour Teacher Training Course Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga, David Swenson
Meditation Certification, Yoga Center of Minneapolis, Tara Cindy Sherman
Yin Yoga Level 1 and Level 2 Certification, Yoga Center of Minneapolis, Michelle Pietrzak-Wegner
Chair Yoga Certification, Yoga Center of Minneapolis, Jessica Rosenberg


The one thing I know for sure is that every time I walk into the yoga studio to teach I feel energized and amazed. The energy to teach yoga just always shows up no matter how I feel. That amazes me! I am also amazed that I have the opportunity to share all that I have learned from so many and to hear what I need to hear from my inner teacher again and again. I trust that what I share with my students is just what they need to hear. It’s so humbling and such a gift. It’s an energetic high to teach what I feel so passionate about and it gives me such joy to be a part of an evolving community.

I am honored to say that I received my 200 hour teacher training from the Yoga Center of Minneapolis in 2007 and I have been teaching here since then. I have also done teacher trainings with Sri Manjou Jois, David Swenson and Sean Corne as well as countless workshops with many wonderful teachers here and abroad. My teaching has been greatly inspired by Michelle Lynn, Sydney Holly, Jen Gray and Billy Potocnik. I am just shy of completing my 500 hundred hour teacher training here at YCM. Life has been my greatest teacher. With gratitude to all too countless to name! ~Namaste

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