Debbie Cohen

Debbie Cohen

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Debbie CohenDeborah has been teaching hatha yoga since 1996 and provided a 200-hr teacher training for five years. Over the past decade her work has focused on schools, involving collaborations with researchers measuring the effects of yoga on children, curriculum development, teacher training, and daily teaching to students in grades K-12. She is a licensed Physical Education teacher and a professional development point provider for the Massachusetts Department of Education. Supported by the Boston Public Schools (BPS) Health and Wellness Department, she offers a centralized district yoga training to support BPS teachers’ teaching yoga to their students. Through what was the Core Yoga in Schools program, now a part of Ivy Child International, she has taught yoga programs to students in ten Boston public schools and trained a small corps of yoga teachers to work with children in schools. The Core Yoga in Schools manuals for grades K-5 and 6-12 meet Boston, Massachusetts and United States standards for Physical Education. She is also the author of Journey to Inner Space: A Children’s Yoga Book, illustrated by Ruth Lieberherr.

Deborah has taught Positive Psychology with Tal Ben-Shahar at Harvard University and at Kripalu Yoga Center. A recent transplant to Minneapolis, Debbie has also been working with the Yoga Calm program offered in the Minneapolis public schools. Debbie is very happy to be part of the team at the Yoga Center of Minneapolis and appreciates the opportunity of studying the Yoga Sutras with others in the community.

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