Skin Therapy

Skin Therapy

Practioner: Sheli Ginsburg

All facials and skin treatments use natural, organic products. No dyes, talc, synthetic fragrances or artificial preservatives are used. The treatments consist of a cleansing and toning, followed by exfoliation, extractions and a custom mask and hydrationpersonalized just for you. All 60 minute facial treatments also incorporate a relaxing massage of the face, neck and scalp, shoulders, hands and arms.

Sweet Milk & Lavender Bud Facial

This totally “Green” organic herbal treatment is thoughtfully prepared and administered, utilizing pure herbs & flowers to impart a deeply relaxing, skin revitalizing treatment for the face and neck. Naturally restore the glow of health to any complexion. Appropriate for all ages and skin types.

60 minutes $75

Reactive Skin Facial

This facial treatment is extremely gentle and non-irritating, made with organic ingredients, essential oil free and safe for even the most delicate skin. It contains complex vitamins, minerals, and plant chemicals that will help calm, sooth, and revive your skin.

60 minutes $85

Rejuvenation Facial Massage

A quick fix for bringing balance to the mind, body & spirit. Relax and reestablish the essential connections that help you feel rejuvenated. This facial massage treatment is stimulating, cleansing and healing.

30 minutes $45

Purification Facial

This powerfully effective herbal treatment is created to decongest and purify your skin. Perfect for skin types prone to irritation, outbreaks and excess oiliness. Gentle enough to treat inflamed skin with sensitivities, strong enough to completely refresh normal skin in need of a deep cleansing boost.

60 minutes $95

Eyebright Herbal Eye Treatment

This eye treatment helps to soften fine lines, reduce puffiness, and soothe eyestrain and redness due to fatigue, environmental irritants or allergies. Only available with a facial treatment.



Reiki is a precise, ancient Tibetan system of healing harmonizing and balancing energy. The practice reveals the body’s innate intelligence to heal itself, bringing the body into harmony by relieving physical and emotional blockages. Deeply relaxing, it helps the body return to its own perfect state.

Pre/Postnatal Services

Using clean non-toxic products is essential at all phases & stages of life, but
never more important than when pregnant or nursing. All these treatments
are 100% natural & completely free of artificial preservatives, petroleum
products, talc, fillers, parabens, dyes or synthetic fragrances.

Growing and Glowing Prenatal Facial

Every woman needs time to relax and be pampered during these times of emotional and physical change. Hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy cause a general imbalance in the skin. This facial is customized to create the perfect facial for you, depending on the changes you are seeing. The facial will treat skin problems caused by hormonal changes such as uneven skin tone and melasma, sensitivities, excessive oiliness, and dehydration. 

60 minutes $75

Postpartum Tranquility

The first few months of motherhood are thoroughly exhausting. You get little or no sleep for days on end. Your body acts as if it’s still pregnant. Your ligaments and joints continue to tighten and your hormones seem to have a mind of their own. Now imagine having an hour to focus on just you from the care of someone who really understands what your body is going through.

60 minutes $75

Mother’s Belly Rub

Includes gentle exfoliation, serum and mask application, along with leg and foot massage. Great for itchy skin and stretch mark prevention and treatment. Only available with a facial treatment.

30 minutes $30

Guided Meditation

A relaxed mother’s body will produce more endorphins, nature’s own relaxants, which help support you and your baby during labor and delivery. To help you prepare for deep relaxation during labor you will be guided through relaxation techniques and visualizations of your choice. If you have specifics you are practicing at home, please bring a copy
along. This is a great companion to childbirth classes. Only available with a facial treatment.

No additional charge (request at booking required)

Waxing and Tinting

Lip Wax $15
Brow Wax $22
Chin Wax $15
Full Face $60
Underarm $25
Arm $40
Lower Leg $40
Upper leg $45
Full Leg $80
Bikini $35
Brazilian 1st time $75
Braz. maintenance $55
Back $60
Eyelash Tinting $25
Eyebrow Tinting $20

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