About Us

About YCM

Our mission is to make yoga accessible to everyone at every stage of life. Our highly experienced teachers provide personal attention to participants in class, ensuring the yoga practice is performed safely and correctly. We’ve created an inspiring environment in which you can experience all the benefits of living a fully balanced life.

Relax, breathe and take in all Yoga Center Minneapolis has to offer.

Founded in 2000 with the goal of helping people find yoga and discover who they’re truly meant to be, YCM offers one of the most comprehensive yoga study and training experiences in the Twin Cities and partnering locations.

We focus on traditional yoga for the modern world – providing a genuine yoga experience, and creating an environment where students and teachers can live their yoga in whatever manner best fits their personal needs and lifestyles. For over a decade we’ve been providing the community with a quiet place to take a deep breath, and a peaceful reprieve from daily activity.

We offer a wide range of classes for all levels and ages – from our renowned Absolute Beginner Class Series to advanced yoga teacher trainings. Classes, workshops and programs include a variety of yogic traditions that not only teach the many asanas (poses) of hatha yoga, but also incorporate meditation, pranayama (breathing), and centering techniques to bring about holistic health and personal growth.

While many come to yoga for the physical practice, they are often pleasantly surprised at the wealth of lifestyle benefits that arise (less stress, better sleep, fuller breaths, greater joy), in addition to building stronger, more flexible bodies. Our highly experienced instructors provide personal attention to every student in class, ensuring the yoga practice is performed safely and correctly to enhance results for body, mind and soul.

We look forward to guiding you through your journey.